Cupcake Couture Gown Rental~ Midnight Blue

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Gown is a size 3/4 Can fit ranges 3-6 depending on measurements.

Message me for details  

- Rentals are only for US photographers and/ or US moms who will be scheduling a photography shoot. 


- This gown must be PRIORITY shipped when returning. The renter is agreeing to pay shipping fees back to BBB Couture or the next renter in line. 

- You will be allowed 4 days only for each rental. If you need it longer you will need to pay for a second rental  Example-  If You want 2 time slots you will have to pay 2 rental fees. 

- If you receive the gown Thursday you will have Thursday evening and all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to shoot and ship out on Monday morning.

- I’m allowing 3 days shipping time. If you fail to ship the gown as PRIORITY as scheduled you will be responsible for express shipping to its destination.

- The gown must shipped back in its protective gown bag provided. Please use caution when zipping the gown so you don't zip the lace in the zipper. (Don’t forget the to re-pack anything provided in the box)

- Please ship in the same box it came in (if it’s still sturdy and not torn. If the box is damaged- then you will need to provide a same size sturdy box to ship in)


- Do NOT shoot in water or in muddy areas. If you do you will be required to pay to have it cleaned by my cleaner. This will result in extra charges

- If there is damage while you are using it there will be a damage fee for repairing the gown. That will be determined upon reviewing photos of the damages.

- If the gown is damaged beyond repair you will be responsible to replace the full retail of the gown. Please be respectful and take care of the gown. If you are putting it on a smaller girl who can’t walk in it, plan on inside shoots please. Or dress her in place outside (on top of a blanket to keep dirt off) and/ or carry her to where she needs to be.