Custom Color ~ Couture Angel Wings

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These Couture wings are made with 100% white ostrich feathers. They are very light weight, weighing less than 10lbs. and measure 40 in. wide and 60 in. long. They are very full and flow in the wind! Would be perfect at the beach!!!  They also have adjustable straps to accommodate several size models! 

To clean hand wash with warm water and a mild baby soap. Gently wipe down in direction of the feathers. Hang to air dry. DO NOT USE HEAT! They are delicate so please make sure your models don’t walk backwards and step on them as they may tear them or pull feathers off. 

~~Shipping will be billed separately according to your location so please be prepared to pay an additional shipping fee as Shopify is not set up to correctly apply shipping fees. Please feel free to email for a shipping quote.   

Please allow 8-10 weeks for your custom to be made as they are all hand made by me and I order supplies when your order is placed So that takes time. 

NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS FOR CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER ITEMS. (If there are any issues, please email within 24 hours of receiving your order)