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Photog Collab

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This is for photogs who can help shoot gowns and cupcake style gowns for me. They will be free rentals. (They do have to be returned to me so only agree if this is understood)

Please read below so you understand what you are agreeing to. Then comment below your links and a photo of your best work below if you are interested.

~Shipping to you will be covered by me. You would be responsible to ship back to me as part of the agreement.
~You must return in the same condition and in the same packaging/ gown bag.
~Any damages more than normal wear would be invoiced when it’s received and inspected. Pretty much everything I send out will be brand new never worn before so there won’t be any damages when they are shipped out.
~Photos will need to be returned promptly. Because of the fast nature of my work I don’t usually create gowns months ahead of release dates so I would need 1-2 images back within a couple days of receiving/ shooting the gown so you will need to have models available at hand.
~Images need to be close enough to show the dress. But no too close that it cuts parts of the gown out of the shot.
~Model needs to be standing to show the dress in the images for the rental.
~ Models need to be at least the size of the gown or a size or 2 up to show correct lengths.
~Gown must be returned within 4 days of receiving the gown.
~You will be required to tag me when sharing the gown in any websites you share to!
~Using Babydreams backdrops is a bonus but not required. There are other amazing companies that can be used as well!

**In return you will receive a 20% discount code off a gown or cupcake of your choice available on the website. (no customs)
**I will tag your business as well as any accessories companies used everywhere I share!
**Also you can use the gown for your sessions while you have it and can charge your clients for photos.

With this process you will have an opportunity to see and check out my gowns and quality and I will get to see your amazing talent and get amazing photos (with logos) to promote and add to my website.

Thanks for the time to read and apply.
~Blutterfly Baby